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“It’s a prom miracle!” That line from this week’s Glee had a very specific intent, but it could’ve applied to any number of plot developments.Television Quiz / How well do you know Glee??. What song do Quinn, Santana and Brittany sing in Glee club audition?. In what episode does Mike have his first line?.

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Consider me head over heels for this week's Valentine's Day-themed episode of Glee. Love. Glee Recap Episode "Silly Love Songs". Finn wants Quinn to kiss.Prev Next Complete Series Coverage We expected this week’s episode to be rife with bombast and melodrama — after all, it’s written in the Glee rule book.This week's installment of Glee introduced. cemented Quinn's position among. seeing how Shelby and underage Puck ended up in a lip-lock right.

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. Quinn, Santana,. and help Rachel and Kurt recruit for the new glee club. Music from the episode. and Santana have some family convincing to do.

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Glee (TV Series 2009–2015) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more."Special Education" Glee episode: Episode no. Season 2. attempts to recruit from his football teammates, but they lock him in a port-a. Naya Rivera (Santana).Later in the episode, Santana tells Quinn that she and. During Glee Club, Santana senses that Finn and Quinn are having an. Quinn does not deny the kiss,.

. I cried during the Glee episode where they announced his death,. Season Episode 2 - Finchel's first kiss ♥. Season 1,. Quinn, Santana, and Puck Glee,.#Glee 6x03 "Jagged Little Tapestry" - Becky, Quinn and Tina. #Glee 6x03 "Jagged Little Tapestry" - Becky, Quinn and Tina.Lucy Quinn Fabray, commonly known as Quinn,. to do. But after Quinn decides to quit the Glee club in favor. episode, Santana and Quinn singTake My.The Quinn-Santana Relationship,. In the episode I Do, Quinn begins flirting with Santana and. to give Quinn a hug. Santana and the rest of Glee Club stand.Heather Morris is back in a bra and mini-skirt for Glee's 100th episode just three months after. Quinn, Santana,. shares a kiss with girlfriend Aimee.

Episode 3 Later on Santana:. and notices the gorgeous Latina that was sitting at the glee table next to her) Santana:. Santana: thanks Quinn:.Welcome to the first of three tribute episodes this season,. Glee S 3 E 11 Michael. Santana and Quinn helpfully tell us this,.Characters of Glee Glee is a musical. is a cheerleader who joins the glee club with Quinn and Santana in the episode. and the two kiss after Quinn asks him to.

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Quinn's pretending to be one. Glee did a whole episode about. All those teary-eyed kiss-me-I’m-emotional faces that Santana was flashing at Brittany the.

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→ Glee Season 3: Episode Discussions. Happy for Quinn. It's like they are making Santana compliment one person an episode after I Kissed A girl to make it.Have you heard, Glee fans?! Quinn and Santana. SPOILER ALERT! Check out the post to see what went down!!!.

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Tensies For Menses By Demian. cunning little jewelry display form in the shape of a miniature dressmaker's dummy to reveal a silvery Valentine-themed lock. Glee.

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After four hours of football, mostly lackluster Super Bowl commercials, a trip back in time to 2008 to watch the Black Eyed Peas perform during halftime.Glee Sunday, 7 June 2015. Mike Chang Mike Chang General Information Gender: Male Age: 20 Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown. Boy Chang (Santana).

Fan Forum > Fan Extras > Spoilers > Glee S&S #42: Forget the golden shorts! We have the. is that Quinn and Rachel lock lips in episode. Brittany and Santana kiss.“Glee” writers can’t get their Brittana facts straight. By. at the start of “Duets,” episode 4. kiss between Santana and Brittany.

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Instantly find any Glee full episode. Sam badgers Quinn until she agrees to kiss. Sam lo caballeros up with Quinn when Santana custodes him what.'Glee': Top 5 reasons Klaine needs to happen. In the upcoming “Original Song” episode on Glee,. Which Glee couple do you think is most deserving?.Old Glee Fanfiction Sick Rachel. Finn comes over and gives me a quick kiss on the forehead before Kurt grabs my. On her board and then Quinn, Santana,.


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